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Coaching is no longer a luxury—it’s what successful leaders use to move farther and faster along their path.


Our experiential programs will raise your leadership capacity so you can build a workforce of champions.


We assess your organizational health by measuring servant leadership across reporting levels.


Marcel Schwantes speaks extensively at leadership conferences and events on the power and impact of servant leadership.

A Different Way of Leading

We’re all about developing the people side of your business. When we’re done, you may find leaders leading (not managing), workers more engaged, and your company  healthier and more profitable. Here’s where we do our best work:

The Leader:

Developing your leaders as stewards who share power, put the needs of others first, and help others develop and perform as highly as possible.

The Team:

Creating healthy community, collaboration, ownership, and an entrepreneurial spirit across the organization.

The Culture:

Building a servant-minded, organizational culture of authenticity, accountability, creativity, trust, and service.

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Thought Leadership

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Our Ideal Client

We are in a values and relationship economy. Studies are now saying that high IQ, charisma and drive on their own aren’t enough to lead effectively. You will need high emotional and social intelligence, a willingness to share your leadership, and a desire to collaborate with your tribe.

We’ll be the first to admit−our services don’t work for everyone. It takes a dedicated company with an intentional bias toward building up servant leaders to make for a successful engagement.

So, what do we really look for in the ideal client?

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