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    Media Featuring Marcel Schwantes

    Marcel’s thought-leadership attract over 1 million readers every month in the world’s biggest media outlets. Here is a sample from Marcel’s portfolio of work plus podcast and print interviews featuring Marcel.

    Science Discovered That Banning Small Talk from Your Conversations Makes You Happier (Try Asking These 13 Questions Instead)

    It’s time to delete questions like ‘what do you do?’ from your vocabulary forever.

    8 habits that set great leaders apart

    For one, great CEOs know when to listen and when to admit they’re wrong.

    8 Work Habits Found in Extremely Valuable Employees

    How do you define a valuable employee? Is it experience or maybe work ethic? Marcel explains what to look for.

    Why You Should Invest In Servant Leadership – An Interview With Marcel Schwantes

    David Mizne of 15Five features Marcel in a deep dive into servant leadership.

    Servant Leadership for Managers: 8 Game-Changing Tips from An Expert

    Officevibe interviews Marcel on what it really takes to be a successful manager.

    Managing emotions, conflict and you

    Marcel uncovers the secret weapon when encountering conflict: Rev up your emotional intelligence.

    7 Harsh Truths That Will Improve Your Leadership Skills Overnight

    If you find yourself in the precarious position of wondering “where do I stand as a leader,” this will answer your question.

    Is Your Company ‘Soft’ Enough to Succeed in the AI Era?

    Marcel is featured in issue #3 of Forbes AI Perspectives to stress that soft skills are hard currency

    How Emotionally Intelligent People Respond to Conflict

    What do we do when other people push our buttons and we sense we’re about to “go postal”?

    31 Easy Ways to Become Happier in a Month

     These things have reshaped my path as an entrepreneur, happy husband, proud father, and community leader.

    The implicit bias of Starbucks’ implicit bias training

    Marcel praises Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson for ordering mandatory “unconscious bias” training for his employees.

    Human-Centered Leadership Empowers People to Scale Mountains

    Bill Fox interviews Marcel for his book Forward Thinking Leaders.

    LinkedIn’s CEO says these are the 3 things ‘too often taken for granted’

    This tweet by Jeff Weiner puts everything into perspective, whatever your job, role, rank or status:

    52% of workers say their managers didn’t bother to ask 2 crucial questions before they quit

    It should come as no surprise that 51% of American workers are actively looking for different jobs.

    9 Phrases You’ll Hear Effective Leaders Say to Inspire and Motivate Their Employees

    A moment of truth: Do any of these examples sound at all like your manager?

    At 63, Bill Gates says he now asks himself these 3 questions that he wouldn’t have in his 20s

    We all have our own ways of measuring success in life. For Bill Gates, it’s an “end-of-year assessment.”

    5 clear signs you work in a toxic office

    Five big tell-tale signs that send good employees running for the door.

    5 Ways Successful Managers Inspire Employees to Do Their Best Work

    The secret comes down to three words: people over profit.

    You may already be a success — here’s how to tell

    So many of us go about life measuring ourselves by the impossible success standards of others.

    Confidence, charisma, are overrated in leaders

    Egomaniacs are on the rise, especially within the corporate ranks.

    A tale ot two bosses

    A former CEO once stuck this dagger into me: “Marcel, you’re just not a culture fit for our company.”

    While You Were Working (LIVE): The Makings of a Human Leader with Marcel Schwantes

    Rogue Marketing’s Chip Rosales interviews Marcel live on video on the 6 key behaviors that drive human performance.

    Higher Purpose Podcast: Creating a ‘Humans First’ Workplace, with Marcel Schwantes

    What does leading with love mean, and what does it look like in action, and how does it help people — and businesses — flourish?

    Follow My Lead Podcast: Why Servant Leaders Get Results, with Marcel Schwantes

    When leaders focus on their followers, they will thrive, benefiting the whole organization.

    Matt Townsend Show: Timeless Habits That Will Change Your Life, With Marcel Schwantes

    Marcel explains how we can take our most challenging parts of life and use them to reinvent ourselves for the better.

    How Great Leaders Lead by Serving

    Marcel offers Safe for Work hosts Liz and Rico a few powerful examples of Servant Leadership in action.

    Carrier Management Podcast: Learning to Lead w/ Marcel Schwantes

    Marcel is interviewed by the editor of Carrier Management to discuss what servant leadership is—and what it’s not.

    Carrier Management Podcast: Making the Business Case for Servant Leadership

    Marcel returns to Carrier Management to describe the business benefits of servant leadership.

    The Journey View Podcast:  Syndicating Servant Leadership, w/ Marcel Schwantes

    Marcel joins host Tim Jipping on how he became convinced of the servant leadership approach.

    Being Human Podcast: Running Business on Love – with Marcel Schwantes

    Marcel joins host Richard Atherton to talk Servant Leadership and Love in the workplace.