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    Mikaela Kiner has over 15 years experience in HR leadership roles at major companies such as Microsoft, Starbucks, and Amazon. She is a certified executive coach and the founder of Reverb, an HR consulting and leadership development company that helps their clients create healthy, inclusive cultures. She joins Marcel Schwantes on this week’s show to discuss her powerful new book, Female Firebrands.

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    Show Notes

    • Female Firebrands is a solutions-oriented guide for dealing with workplace issues that affect women. Marcel says that it should be mandatory reading for men in leadership positions. [1:39]
    • Mikaela uses the term ‘firebrand’ to describe women who are successful professionally as well as mission-driven to leave the world a better place. [4:37]
    • The #MeToo movement uncovered the bad behaviors and stereotypes that have long existed in the workplace; however, much more needs to change, Mikaela laments. Nevertheless, she takes a positive view because the movement has given both women and men the tools to speak out and effect change. [6:05]
    • The leader sets the tone for the organization. Good leaders have a no-nonsense culture with regard to inappropriate behavior: you will be held to account no matter your position in the company. [8:08]
    • “The way to share stories that the most people could resonate with was by sharing the stories of a diverse group of women,” Mikaela says. [11:00]
    • Society’s classic double bind is that when men and women behave the same way, they don’t receive the same feedback. Women are usually perceived negatively. [14:55]
    • Marcel asks Mikaela to define ‘unconscious bias‘, one of several terms used in her book. We all have some, she responds. The goal is to become aware of them (the free online Implicit Association Test can help) so you can recognize them when they come up and move forward. Marcel adds that our unconscious bias can hold us back because of how we perceive our own limitations. [17:15]
    • Consider the diversity of the team around you. Who is not represented? Seek them out and invite them in. Then pay attention to inclusion: make sure everyone feels welcome and recognized, Mikaela advises leaders. [23:35]
    • Male privilege is a fact, not a criticism. The systems and structure of the workplace, and what leadership is perceived to be, all favor male attributes. Mikaela advises men how they can use their privilege for good. [24:50]
    • Marcel and Mikaela discuss the ‘glass cliff’ and how women can safeguard themselves. [27:05]
    • One of the reasons women don’t fight for equal pay is that they were never taught to negotiate. [30:50]
    • Mikaela shares several tips about how both men and women can fight pay inequality. One important tip for women is to always, always negotiate the first offer. [32:38]
    • When there’s only one seat at the table for women, we look at each other as the enemy, Mikaela explains. [36:18]
    • Mikaela shares three ways men can be advocates for women. [38:31]
    • When the ‘hot moment’ comes, be ready with a response that’s comfortable for you. [45:50]

    The Book


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