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    Marcel Schwantes and his team are focused on one thing: Helping leaders be better on the people side of the business so that their businesses flourish. Whether you’re a startup looking to attract a talented workforce, or an established firm looking to give managers the right skills for the job, there’s something here for every scenario.

    Leadership Coaching

    Leaders are often coached on how to act instead of how to be. This “behavior modification” approach is not sustainable and produces only superficial, short-term results. Coaching is reserved for leaders intentionally committed to building self-awareness and raising their capacity to influence people for good business outcomes. Length of coaching engagements starts at six months and up to annual options.

    Deep Dive (Coaching/Advising/Mentoring Hybrid)

    Deep dive is a one-on-one co-active experience facilitated by Marcel Schwantes. Leaders will discover the core aspects of what makes a good leader so they can elevate their game. Similar to coaching, but more conversational and free-flowing for exploration and problem-solving, the leader will receive a hybrid model of intervention that includes coaching, mentoring, advising, and personal guidance to break through the barriers that limit them and their potential. Deep dives can happen in:

    • 1-hour Zoom calls (weekly).
    • Half-day immersions (onsite or virtual)
    • Full-day immersions (retreat-style, in-person)
    Speaking Engagements (Virtual and In-Person)

    Marcel Schwantes speaks passionately about topics like servant leadership, people-empowerment, and creating human-centric and human work cultures of high performance. He draws from convincing research, case studies, stories and illustrations that create tremendous value and lead to results. Marcel’s speaking engagements are part speech, part workshop. They are highly interactive and experiential for audience participation. Learn more here.

    Online Courses

    Marcel Schwantes developed the From Boss to Leader virtual course to give leaders and managers the skills they need to succeed in the new remote-work economy. This evidence-based course has been designed for experiential and practical learning in a virtual format. Click here for information to see if this course is right for you.

    Contact Marcel to discuss the three packages available to suit your budget: Gold, Silver, or Bronze.
    Custom Programs

    Every organization is different. Therefore, Marcel Schwantes will customize a leadership program that will not only meet your specific needs but integrate seamlessly with other strategic initiatives for sustainable change. Contact Marcel to begin the process of learning what solution fits your current challenges.


    4.6 out of 5.0

    Our leadership training and workshops are consistently ranked high by participants.

    Would recommend Leadership from the Core to others.

    Overall quality of training program (Rated “Excellent” or “Very Good”).

    Equipped me to be a better leader (Rated “Excellent” or “Very Good”).

    What People Are Saying

    Leadership from the Core is a must have for any organization. Their training is a unique, inspiring and empowering way of learning. This session brought me and my 60+ leaders back to the basics of leadership. Rediscovering our leadership styles, and learning how to optimize our talents to serve each other and the lives that are placed in our hands was the highlight of our year!

    Gemma Rama-Banaag, Chief Nursing Officer at Paradise Valley Hospital

    Leadership from the Core’s Marcel Schwantes is a gifted coach with a wealth of business background. He is focused, not on how much he can make, but how effectively he can serve his business clients who aspire to being premier servant leaders. The kicker is that he models the inner attributes which make servant leadership possible.

    Gary Hedges, Founding Partner, The John Maxwell Team | President/CEO, Hedges & Assoc.

    My coach’s insights make you think deeper about the situation you are in then you would probably been able to do on your own, which is a tremendous help when trying to speedily solve your problem or improve your current state of being. He is a natural teacher, a natural coach and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Marc Van Hoek, Business Development Manager at Senn Delaney

    Leadership from the Core was a great resource for me in my career. I was able to take what my coach taught me to further develop some skills that most certainly will help for many years to come. I would definitely recommend them if you want to get ahead or just learn who you are and how to relate to others better.

    Trent Rhoads, General Manager, Amerilife and Health Services

    Our team of eleven managers has begun working together effectively and efficiently. Their meetings are productive and lead to positive changes within our organization. They have learned how to communicate with each other as well as their employees. Through Leadership from the Core’s coaching and training, the team has learned how to define their mission, motivate their employees to get behind the mission, and to make decisions that are mission oriented. They are a much more positive force within the organization.

    Becca Davis, M.Ed, LPC-MHSP, Director of Men’s Co-Occurring Program, The Ranch
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