Our Story

Leadership from the Core was founded for one simple reason: to teach a new generation of leaders how to best  engage, inspire, and motivate their followers in this relationship economy. 

The method to our friendly madness rests on empirical evidence spanning two decades. Everything in our training and workshops, webinars, coaching and methodology goes back to the research we’ve done that points to servant leadership as the best-in-class model for getting the most out of employees.

Watch our video (narrated by our founder) for a visual perspective to this labor of love that has become our calling.

What do we actually do?

We assess, train and coach leaders to lead from the inside-out – producing better teams, better workers, and better results. Then we watch, alongside our clients, their work cultures shift along to a much better place.

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Our Coaching Focus

Culture change85%
Team effectiveness75%
Communication skills65%
Relationship building60%

What’s in a name?

Simple. When you lead from “the core” of who you are, you lead from within – producing extraordinary results in those you lead. This sounds “too soft for our company” (you might say). But trust us, it’s not. It is daring and courageous leadership requiring both head and heart to be in the game. Leading from the core serves well and inspires others to action. And when that happens, trust increases, engagement soars and your work culture thrives.

Why servant leadership?

When people feel valued, they value what they do, and they will produce better work. If you’re not convinced, here is what research is saying are some top reasons to consider servant leadership development:

  • Influence employees, peers, stakeholders and your community in a positive way
  • Happy employees = Happy Customers
  • High employee engagement and retention
  • Excellent corporate culture is developed
  • Increase trust and build better team relationships.
  • Higher performance = higher revenues

We are on a mission to advance servant leadership in the marketplace, one transformed leader after another. Could you be next? Join us.

Our Ideal Client

So who’s our ideal client? Glad you asked. We’ve discovered that the clients who receive the most value from engaging in a partnership with us usually fall in any of these areas. Could this be you?

  • You want to discover who you truly are as a leader by assessing your strengths, character, and servant-leadership style.
  • You are building a new company, team or department, and want to establish a strong cultural identity for selecting and developing great leaders.
  • You want to develop the skills that inspire, motivate and empower others to do great things.
  • You want leaders who will make better decisions aligned with the bigger picture in mind.
  • You want a company of leaders who will build great relationships and great teams that will produce results.
  • You want to make you and your company more efficient and productive, moving you towards the goals you have set.

We love to work with leaders intentional about change, and who care about their people. These are leaders that want to change the world by changing the way people think about leadership.

Our Team

Ready for change? Contact us today to schedule a discovery call – this one’s on the house. Let’s explore new possibilities together.