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Marcel’s Story

Marcel Schwantes founded Leadership from the Core with one defining mission: to teach a new generation of leaders how to best engage, inspire, and motivate others according to how people are naturally wired to feel and experience work, at the core of their humanity.  

We are finding that the best and most profitable companies on the planet value the emotional, physical, and even spiritual well-being of people, as a top priority that leads to business outcomes.  

This unconventional approach rests on convincing empirical evidence from the worlds of organizational behavior, positive psychology, neuroscience and medicine, that explains the cultural elements needed for the optimum employee experience. But with all of this comes a hard prerequisite: Building up exceptional leaders with the heart- and mind-set for building up their people so they can achieve their greatest potential. In turn, the evidence overwhelmingly asserts, your organizations will achieve great results

Everything in Marcel’s keynotes, webinars, workshops and coaching engagements goes back to the powerful premise that, for this enormous shift to occur within organizations, the first shift needs to occur inside a leader’s heart: A higher calling to serve the needs of others.

Watch this short video, narrated by Marcel Schwantes, for a visual perspective to this labor of love that has become his company’s calling. We hope it is yours too.

What can Marcel do for you?

Speaking engagements for your company events, organizational assessments to measure servant leadership, high-impact servant leadership training and workshops, and leadership coaching engagements that ultimately produce better teams, better workers, and better results. 

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Coaching Focus

Culture change85%
Team effectiveness75%
Communication skills65%
Relationship building60%

Why servant leadership?

When people feel valued, they value what they do, and they will produce better work. If you’re not convinced, here is what research is saying are some top reasons to consider servant leadership development:

  • Influence employees, peers, stakeholders and your community in a positive way
  • Happy employees = Happy Customers
  • High employee engagement and retention
  • Excellent corporate culture is developed
  • Increase trust and build better team relationships.
  • Higher performance = higher revenues

Marcel is on a mission to advance servant leadership, one transformed leader after another. Could you be next? Join him.

Ideal Client

So who’s Marcel’s ideal audience for a speaking engagement or a client partnership? 

  • You want to discover who you truly are as a leader by assessing your strengths and servant-leadership style.
  • You aspire to build a new company, team, or department with strong Christian values that have tremendous business impact.
  • You want to establish a healthy and profitable cultural identity by selecting and developing the right employees and the right leaders.
  • You want to develop the skills that inspire, motivate and empower others to do great things.
  • You want leaders who will make better decisions aligned with the bigger picture in mind.
  • You want a company of leaders who will build great relationships and great teams that will produce results.
  • You want to make you and your company more efficient and productive, moving you towards the goals you have set.

Special interest: Marcel loves to speak to faith-based audiences, and work with motivated Christian leaders who want to change the world by changing the way people think about leadership.

The Team

Ready for change? Contact us today to schedule a discovery call – this one’s on the house. Let’s explore new possibilities together.