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    Marcel welcomes Dr. Randy Ross, Founder and Chief Enthusiasm Officer at Remarkable, to the show. Randy is a master of cultural transformation who has traveled internationally as a speaker, coach and Fortune 500 consultant, building teams and developing leaders. He has a unique understanding of employee engagement and he offers practical solutions for increasing both team morale and performance in his new book Relationomics: Business Powered by Relationships.

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    Show Notes

    • Few business books have been written about building healthy relationships in the workplace, even though people and organizations thrive in relationally-rich environments. Randy wrote his book to help leaders use principles that foster good relationships among their teams. [03:29]

    • Marcel asks Randy about the four principles that cultivate healthy relationships. Randy says that these principles are:
      ○ Intentionality – making relationships a priority;
      ○ Humility – being honest about yourself with yourself;
      ○ Accountability – creating continuous feedback loops to get the information you need to grow;
      ○ Sustainability – leading in a way that deeply connects with your people. [4:35]

    • Randy defines culture as the collective expression of the values, beliefs, and behaviors that individuals bring to any endeavor. If we build teams that embrace and embed our values within their very core, it will flow over into our beliefs, which will then impact our behavior. [9:00]

    • The deeper the connectivity within an organization, the stronger the return on equity. [11:37]

    • The great deception is that we can elevate ourselves to our highest potential without anyone else’s influence. This is a lie, Randy emphasizes, because we all have blind spots that other people see but we can’t. We need feedback from others to grow. [16:23]

    • Randy shares three questions people ask themselves before they choose to follow someone: Can I trust this person? Can I count on this person? Does this person have my best interest at heart? [20:07]

    • Trust is foundational for all human relationships. When we develop an atmosphere of trust, our people willingly follow us, they give us the benefit of the doubt, and they’re willing to work hard to achieve a common objective. [21:08]

    • Randy shares how the A.R.T. of leadership — authenticity, reality, and transparency — builds trust. [22:50]

    • Humility is just being real: it’s being comfortable with who you are, leveraging your strengths and acknowledging your weaknesses. [27:15]

    • Marcel asks how leaders can practice humility without coming across as soft or weak. Randy responds that humility means that you’re not only comfortable with yourself, but you’re comfortable with others. It’s acknowledging that everyone brings their own mix of talents and experience to the table and that you welcome those gifts. If I lead with humility, says Randy, I bring out the best in my people and I can rally them to bring more to the table than they take away and create value for others. [30:31]

    • One of the things that breed toxicity in the workplace is unresolved conflict, Randy says. He gives five rules of engagement that help to resolve workplace conflict and build healthy relationships. [34:04]

    • Leading with love is about having someone’s interest at heart. Leaders can demonstrate love by sharing their time, their knowledge, their relationships, and their affection and appreciation. [44:51]

    • Creating open loops of continuous feedback throughout an organization will create organizations that become self-coaching and self-correcting. Performance will shoot through the roof as a result. [50:39]

    • 75 years of research proves that good relationships keep us healthy and happy. [52:00]

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