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Marcel Schwantes is an expert in the area of helping leaders develop exceptional work cultures. More specifically, Servant Leadership cultures. He is is an entrepreneur, executive coach, columnist and keynote speaker. He has been featured on Inc., Time, Yahoo!, Business Insider, Thrive Global, The Muse, and Chicago Tribune.

Few people can speak about the power of people-centered leadership with more authority or passion than Marcel can. Whether your fast-growth company is at the 50 or 500 employee mark, Marcel has found that culture is likely the driver that got you there. Unfortunately, so often companies at this stage of enormous growth lose their identity, or “true north.”

Marcel will inspire leadership audiences to reimagine how putting people ahead of profits will become an even more profitable venture in return! The ingredients of this powerhouse secret sauce every leader has access to is described in his keynotes below.

Don’t just manage people, inspire them to greatness…

Over the last twenty years, we have seen a huge trend impacting organizational cultures worldwide. It is the fight to keep employees happy, motivated, and ENGAGED. It’s a fight that, according to research, roughly only 30 percent of companies are winning.

While “leadership development” has been around for decades, people are still quitting their bosses! Marcel made it his mission to help organizations—from start-ups to corporate giants—develop inspiring leaders who are serious about making a difference in how they lead people.

His keynote speeches center around a key leadership philosophy that, it turns out, has been around for centuries. But the odd thing is—most of the top-down, command-and-control business world hasn’t caught up to it yet. What is this winning formula?

It’s called servant leadership.

In this signature talk, Marcel shows CEOs, business owners, leadership teams, middle managers, and HR directors how to:

  • Create engaged cultures that lead to high performance and bottom-line success.
  • Build deep trust with employees by establishing yourself as an authentic and respected leader.
  • Develop the mindset and skill set needed to move beyond your comfort zone and accelerate your personal and professional growth.
  • Learn what the latest neuroscience and positive psychology research is saying will catapult you to your leadership success.
  • Create new and sustainable action steps to increase your leadership capacity that will grow your team and company!

Let Marcel’s talk tell you why it’s so different and why it will work for you. Join in the movement.

In today’s social economy, you have to lead from both your head and heart…

Research finds that the best leaders rise above managing tasks, time and people to understanding the importance of “emotional currency”—counter-cultural behaviors that science finds will engage employees to perform at the highest level.

Trust, transparency, influence, courage, and self-awareness are a few examples of what matters most in Millennial-based team environments where discretionary effort is released as a catalyst for great work. So that’s our aim with this talk—to raise the capacity of leaders so they can in turn create the most collaborative and engaging teams to get results!

In this signature talk, Marcel shows CEOs, business owners, leadership teams, middle managers, and HR directors how to:

  • Align leadership values in order to build a desired and sustainable team culture.
  • Create an environment that aligns engagement to high performance, higher morale, and less turnover.
  • Foster an entrepreneurial spirit across the enterprise to achieve amazing results.
  • Demonstrate the most commonly respected behaviors of authentic leaders that lead to engagement.

Want to book him right now as your next keynote or breakout? Contact Marcel via email directly at or via the Contact page.