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    Team Dynamics and Communication Effectiveness Training (Onsite)

    This is a one-day (or two half-day) program designed to teach participants a simple and efficient way to work effectively with all relationships in their life and a simple and valuable method of personal “peak” performance.

    The program is very fun (laughter is guaranteed!), highly interactive and skills based. Participants often state how they’re able to focus on work and avoid interpersonal conflicts that distract them from their job.

    We utilize the proven PeoplemapTM System to help you build better working relationships at all levels of your organization, including:

    • Between management and staff
    • Among team members and co-workers
    • Within departments and across silos
    • Between staff and clients/customers

    Want to understand why the folks in accounting can’t accept change? Or why your salespeople always challenge the rules? Ever wonder why your engineers get so thrown off by last-minute changes? Or why your boss doesn’t want all the details about your latest project? This training’s core purpose is the development of your employees’ people skills to complement their technical skills and abilities.

    In this program each person learns their own and others’ PeoplemapTM Personality Type. There are four core personality types: Leader, People, Free Spirit, and Task.

    Each type has 3 in-born strengths, as well as a “weak spot” that we refer to as the Achilles Heel. When understood, the Achilles Heel can be turned into a “learned” Strength. Therefore, each personality type has specific areas they need to address in their own growth and development, in order to perform at their highest level.

    It all starts with a short questionnaire and interpretation of the four personality types. Then participants will learn how to use their strengths and overcome or transform their Achilles Heel in order to become successful in their relationships, develop better communication skills, and achieve a higher level of productivity in all aspects of their lives. The many interactive exercises will prepare people to apply what they have learned immediately, so that they can begin to receive the benefits when they walk out the door.

    This training is available as a full-day training, half-day training or three 2-hour workshops. Material fee includes questionnaire and participant workbook.

    Major Benefits of this Program

    Ask yourself….would your organization benefit from:

    • better interpersonal, team and department communication skills?
    • better performance, increased employee retention and job satisfaction?
    • reduced interpersonal workplace conflicts?
    • improved overall workplace or customer satisfaction?
    • learning valuable tools and methods for problem-solving difficulties?

    Too Many Personality-Type Programs in the Market! Why the PeoplemapTM?

    First of all, the questionnaire can take as little as 3 minutes to complete and is 95 percent accurate in measuring personality type. You can self-score it in five minutes and start applying the principles immediately. No interpreter, no hassle. There is no other questionnaire in the market today as simple and efficient as the PeoplemapTM.

    The PeoplemapTM is highly correlated with the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator but has a major distinction: there are only four PeoplemapTM types to learn, so employees that are trained together will easily remember each other’s type as well as how to determine the type of a customer, client or co-worker. This design ensures that the skills learned through The PeoplemapTM System will be immediately usable in the workplace as well as in all other areas of life.

    Bottom line: participants learn the best ways to work and communicate with all of the personality types they encounter, which decreases conflicts and stress (and turnovers!), while increasing harmony and productivity in the work environment.

    The Results

    One day of training can save thousands of dollars and hours of time. Once your employees know their own styles and how to best interact with others, you’ll be able to:

    • Maximize team performance
    • Enhance communication between and across teams
    • Retain your best talent and decrease staff turnover
    • Reduce destructive conflict
    • Improve productivity levels
    • Improve and sustain morale

    Post-Training Research

    The PeoplemapTM System is statistically validated, and research has shown significant benefits in the following:

    • 69% increase in productivity
    • 75% increase in team cohesion
    • 86% increase in the ability to successfully manage conflict
    • 64% improvement in the ability to understand and communicate with supervisees

    Ten separate research studies with over 500 people from nine companies with very different populations were conducted. Post results were done shortly after training, three months after training, five months after training, one and a half years after training, and even two years later with sustained improvement even two years after training was completed.

    To discuss bringing this training to your organization, contact us.