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    Marcel Schwantes welcomes Todd Palmer to this week’s Love In Action show. Todd is the CEO of Extraordinary Advisors, a renowned executive coach and author of The Job Search Process: Find and Land a Great Job in Six Weeks or Less. He shares how he went from being $600,000 in debt to making the Inc. 5000 list six times! He and Marcel chat about his amazing story, and his proven framework for helping business owners achieve success through authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability.

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    Show Notes

    • The impostor syndrome is real, Todd says. It shows up in every part of our lives and it goes wherever we go. [2:45]
    • Todd would not have made the Inc. 5000 list had he not dealt with his impostor syndrome. He describes the feeling of empowerment when he made the transformative decision to “…take the wheel of my life again.” [3:52]
    • Marcel quotes Todd: “Growth happens only when we lean into the uncomfortable.” [6:07]
    • “In order for me to lean into the uncomfortable …the first person I would have had the conversation with was myself, and to look deep within, to do an inventory of how I got there. It was so incredibly painful but the flip side of it is, it was transformative,” says Todd. [7:00]
    • Fixing your business is an inside out process, according to Todd. You have to work on yourself first. [9:13]
    • Marcel comments that working on yourself requires self-awareness, as well as a level of authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability not everyone is naturally wired to do. [11:40]
    • You can’t take care of your business if you don’t take care of you. [12:59]
    • Todd describes how he helps his clients lean into the uncomfortable. [13:15]
    • Storytelling is the new business currency, according to Todd. He and Marcel discuss the impact of stories on businesses and lives. While telling your own story is good, it’s much more powerful to tell other people’s stories, especially how your work has impacted their lives. People resonate with the stories they hear, Todd adds. They see themselves in the arc of the story. [14:56]
    • Marcel asks Todd to define psychological safety. [18:35]
    • Todd comments, “If you have the best talent going in the right direction because they feel cared for, they feel heard, they feel validated and they feel rewarded to grow that organization as a collective team, it gives you the power of many.” [20:20]
    • Todd shares an interesting story about what he learned from prisoners. He applauds the Hustle 2.0 program. [22:28]
    • Ditching your comfort zone is a disciplined, methodical process that requires commitment. [25:00]
    • Marcel asks Todd, “Is it fair to say that the impostor syndrome is basically wearing false masks?” Todd agrees and adds that it has been programmed in us to not show up authentically. However, if we have enough courage to put away the masks, we’d be amazed at how much people want to help us. When we collaborate with others, we get the best ideas. [26:39]
    • Leaders who accept themselves, who acknowledge that they are a work in progress, allow that acceptance to come out in their teams, Todd says. “Sometimes the hardest part though is to authentically see ourselves.” [28:24]
    • Todd wants listeners to know that the real differentiator in life is people. “The better the people are in your life, the better you show up for other people.” [33:55]
    • “Look within before blaming the rest of the world for your challenges,” Todd urges listeners. [35:27]


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